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Seniors can help prolong their driving years by learning how to sharpen their reflexes and maintaining mobility. To help maturing drivers, AAA offers numerous traffic safety and educational programs such as:


Online Training Courses

Roadwise Review

Roadwise Review

Roadwise Review: A Tool to Help Seniors Drive Safely Longer is a computer program that measures eight physical and mental abilities shown to be the strongest predictors of crash risk among older drivers, and provides feedback to guide the user’s driving decisions.



Roadwise Driver

Refine your driving skills and maintain your independence! Hone your driving skills, and learn about new vehicle technology and driving tips. AAA’s Roadwise Driver is an online course designed to help you be a better, safer driver.


Senior Educational Resources


CarFit—Smart Features for Mature Drivers

This educational program offers adults ages 55 and older the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles “fit” them. Technicians guide participants through a 12-point checklist to correctly adjust mirror positions, the distance between their chest and the steering wheel, and other vehicle features.

Upcoming events: Visit to find CarFit events near you.

Retirement and Rates

Smart Features for Older Drivers

A vehicle is one of the largest purchases a person can make, so it is critical to find the one that best suits the driver’s needs. AAA worked with the University of Florida Institute for Mobility, Activity, and Participation to help identify smart features for older drivers (SFOD) to optimize their comfort and safety.


AAA Senior Driving

AAA Senior Driving

AAA is dedicated to keeping seniors driving for as long as safely possible. We also are committed to promoting viable transportation options for seniors who can no longer drive independently. Visit National AAA Senior Driving to discover even more resources that help seniors drive safer and longer.


Additional Information and Resources

Senior Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety Education Materials

AAA distributes a number of publications addressing driver and traffic safety issues. Topics include occupant protection, traffic signs, signals and markings, driving in inclement weather, and older-pedestrian safety.

For more information, contact Kara Thorp, AAA Texas Public Affairs Specialist at or 1-512-444-4757 x224

Vehicle Laws

Vehicle Laws and Regulations

AAA's Digest of Motor Laws summarizes laws and regulations governing registration and operation of passenger vehicles in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. possessions, and Canadian provinces.


Legislation Grass Roots Action

Legislation Grass Roots Action Center

Since its founding in 1902, AAA has been a leader and advocate for the safety and security for all travelers. AAA urges an inclusive approach to transportation planning, involving all stakeholders working together to develop a comprehensive strategy to provide sustainable, personal mobility choices. Learn about important issues and legislation and how to contact your elected officials concerning these topics.


Medications Driver Impairment

Medical Conditions and Medications Can Affect Safe Driving

Older adults are more likely than others to have one or more medical conditions known to impact ability to drive safely.


Maintain Mobility and Independence

Maintain Mobility & Independence

Whether it’s sharpening your mind and keeping your body fit, choosing the right vehicle to maximize comfort and safety, refreshing your driving skills, or finding ways to get around when driving is no longer a safe option, there are numerous ways seniors can stay active and on the go.



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