10 best foods at Knott's Berry Farm's Boysenberry Festival 2019

All boysenberries in the world can trace their roots to Knott’s Berry Farm. In 1920, Walter and Cordelia Knott moved to Buena Park to farm 20 acres of land and sell the first boysenberry—their cross of a loganberry, red raspberry, and blackberry. The fruit is named after its originator, Rudolph Boysen.

Young ones growing up near the attraction understandably can’t picture it as anything besides a magnificent theme park that's home to thrill rides and the Peanuts gang. The farm, however, is the foundation of the park. And the annual Boysenberry Festival—this year from March 29 to April 28—provides the perfect opportunity to merge the delicious history of the farm with its family-friendly modern identity.


10. Boysenberry jerk chicken wings*

Do you love a good chicken wing? Throw in a sweet sauce with a bit of tartness from the berries, and you'll scarf these down. 


9. Boysenberry churro fudge

Boysenberry fudge with a cinnamon sugar coating makes this new treat something you'll want all your friends to try. 


8. Boysenberry hummus with grilled pita*

This vegetarian option has returned to the festival. Grilled pita with berry and lemon infused hummus makes for a light, refreshing snack. 


7. Boysenberry habanero baked mac and cheese* 

Sweet and spicy, creamy and tangy. This traditional comfort food will activate all your taste buds.  


6. The Berry Beast 

This monster sandwich is available at the Ghost Town Grill. It features chicken fried steak, bacon-wrapped onions, grilled jalapenos, and of course, boysenberry sauce. 


5. Boysenberry jambalaya with chicken and sausage* 

The spicy sausage in this Louisiana dish is balanced by subtle sweetness from the berries to culminate in one of the most exciting new dishes. 


4. Boysenberry-glazed salmon*

The best new dish of the year also happens to be the healthiest! The salmon is served over mixed greens and topped with boysenberry vinaigrette.


3. Boysenberry boba 

This super sweet drink debuted at last year's festival, and we're so happy to see it return. 


2. Boysenberry wine 

There's an incredible selection of wines from local vineyards throughout the festival, but after you've tried some with food pairings, we recommend finishing with this sweet drink. 


1. Boysenberry pie 

At the end of the day, nothing tops a classic. No visit to Knott's should be complete without some boysenberry pie, and it's especially iconic during the annual festival. 

Boysenberry at Yogurtland

Can't make it to the festival? This year, you can get a taste of it at over 250 Yogurtland locations nationwide for the duration of the celebrations. Yogurtland is rolling out its limited-edition Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry Pie flavor with that berry flavor you know and love, plus a hint of graham cracker crust. 

*Simplify your boysenberry tour with a Food Tasting Card

Guests can try everything a la carte, but you can save money with a Food Tasting Card. For $35, mix and match eight of the following boysenberry treats: chili in a bread bowl, boysenberry and lemon hummus, dry-rubbed flank steak, elote, chicken wings, sausage, BBQ chicken skewers, pot roast over mashed potatoes, glazed salmon, mac and cheese, jambalaya, pulled-pork tostadas, waffles with maple boysenberry cream cheese syrup, and cinnamon sugar tortilla chips with ice cream. The cards can be purchased at various eateries around the park.

* denotes items available on tasting card

Ready for a sweet deal? 

The Boysenberry Festival offers a lot more to explore than food. Entertainment includes Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree musical revue, an eighties dance party, and more. New merchandise includes all things boysenberry, from bath bombs to beef jerky.

AAA members get up to $40 off regular admission when they buy tickets online or at a AAA branch, or 30 percent off admission at the gate with their AAA membership card. The festival runs from March 29-April 28. 

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